When the Quran is recited, you shall listen to it and take heed,
that you may attain mercy.
[Quran: Chapter 7:204]


Friday, September 11, 2009

Surah Fatiha Quran Surah 1 by Soudais

Surah Fatiha Quran Surah 1 by Soudais. It is Surah 1 in the Quran Kareem. Beautiful recitation by Sheik Sudais.

In a next post I will share with you how to learn to recite Quran like Soudais (not exactly by pratically very close to that nice voice). I might also upload my own recitation which I learned using the principles I would share with you. Therefore stay tuned, but yet please subscribe to this blog. It is going to be great, insha allah.


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